What is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Why it is Important to Have One?

What is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?


A tempered glass screen protector is a crystal that goes over your screen to protect it from scratches and damage.

Tempered glass screen protectors are made from a variety of materials that include a oleophobic nano-coating (to reduce fingerprints and glare) and an anti-shatter film.

We guarantee a perfect job when we apply your tempered glass screen protector. No dust. No bubbles. If there is dust or bubbles, we’ll throw out the tempered glass and get a new one.

Benefits of a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass will help reduce damage caused from dropping your phone or tablet due to its thick layer. It’ll really help preserve your phone. And it’s a lot cheaper and more cost effective than repairing a cracked screen.

It doesn’t scratch easily. It’ll help prevent finger prints. It’ll provide maximum image clarity and perfect touchscreen sensitivity.

Tempered glass helps prevent cracked screens like this.

Is the Quality the Same Online?

The ones you buy on Amazon and eBay are definitely not the same as the high quality tempered glass we offer in our store. Ours are repair grade. They’re a little bit thicker. They have a better nano coating on them. They’re oil and scratch resistant. They’re a bit thicker and they last a bit longer.

The typical screen protectors or tempered glass you’ll find online are lower in quality than the high quality repair-grade tempered glass that we carry.
David demonstrating how durable tempered glass is on his iPhone 12 Pro. Yes, he is stabbing his phone with a screwdriver!

What types of Tempered Glass Do You Offer?

We have three types of tempered glass that we offer here at The Fix by iCity. This is our lifetime warranty. One it’s only $45 the first time and $10 unlimited times after that for a life of the phone. So anytime you crack it or scratch it or doesn’t look good, $10 you come back.
No hassle. We put a new one on. Now we have the same exact one for only $30.

This is only $45 the first time and $10 unlimited times after that for the life of the phone. So anytime you crack or scratch it, or it doesn’t look good, it’ll be $10 to replace it. (We have the exact same one for only $30 without the warranty)

This was our old lifetime one that got bumped down the list. It’s only $25. It’s also extremely good. These are repair grade tempered glasses. We highly recommend all of them.

Our $25 high quality, repair-grade tempered glass

And then finally we have a privacy, tempered glass. A lot of people don’t want, you know, their phone being seen by others. So we have a privacy tempered glass as well.

This is a privacy tempered glass to prevent other from seeing your screen

Getting a Tempered Glass at The Fix by iCity Repair

When we apply a tempered glass to your device we make sure to do a perfect job. There will be no dust. There will be no bubbles.  If there are dust or bubbles, we will throw out the tempered glass and do it again for you until it is perfect. We guarantee that.

We’re happy to apply your tempered glass for you. It’ll be perfect!