iCity Repair Warranty

We Have You Covered.

* If you have additional questions or concerns about our warranties, please feel free to call or email us at any time..

Water Damage

Please know your water damage device should be backed up as soon as you return home with it. Water damage is sometimes only a temporary repair due to exposure of water to your phone’s logic board, Any Hardware changed during the repair will have a 30 day warranty.

Your phone may work perfect after the repair but be aware that water damage can be a ticking time bomb for future problems If you notice anything unusual after the repair feel free to call or come in.

*Our warranty does not cover physical damage such as cracked screens and LCD damage.

iPhone Repair

Our 100 day warranty covers touch sensitivity issues. Our warranty does not cover physical damage whatsoever, This includes cracked screens, LCD damages (lines / LCD cracks) and scratches.

If your screen begins to lift, this could be due to your phone being slightly bent; bring it back ASAP, we can adjust the screen free of charge.

When you bring your phone in with a broken LCD we can not fully test your device prior to repair, so we will be unaware if something else was damaged when your phone was dropped. Please be aware and notify us if anything else besides your screen seems weird so we can offer the best solution and pricing.

iPad Repair

iPads are not like iPhones, they are not put together by screws, the glass is held down by a special adhesive. We highly recommend you get a case that wraps around the front and back, and holds the new glass down tight, You have a 100 Day warranty that covers sensitivity issues. Cracked or damaged screens will not be covered under warranty.

If you notice the screen ghost touching or glitching, or the glass lifting up at all please do not try and fix it yourself by pressing down on it or putting your finger underneath. Bring it back to us, even after 100 Days and we will be able to take care of any adjustments. To help prevent screen lifting we suggest one of our hard cases that covers all corners and edged and sits tightly on top of the screen.

Battery Replacement

We offer a 100 Day warranty on battery replacements. Our warranty will not cover new water damage or other physical damage to the battery. Once you get your new battery, we recommend that you charge is up to 100% and let it drain to 0%. Do this a couple of times to cycle / train your new battery, We advice against using car chargers and charging cases, but understand the necessity for third party chargers.

In our experience we see a lot of third party chargers damaging phone batteries, We highly recommend OEM chargers over third part chargers.