iPhone Back Glass Repair Demonstration

Typically, there is no solution

Typically if you break your back glass for your iPhone, there is no solution. Most repair places can’t fix cracked back glass and the Apple Store will require the entire phone to be replaced.
This is a unique job that is very labor intensive, and requires a lot of tools and a special laser machine.

Step One: Laser Machine

The laser machine heats up and disintegrates the glue under the back glass and allows us to safely remove the glass. We have templates for each iPhone and this allows us to pinpoint where the laser machine is melting the glue on your iPhones frame.

Step Two: Removing the back glass from the Frame of the iPhone.

We meticulously break off all the pieces of glass. Each and every piece of glass must be removed before we can actually put a new back on.
It is also very important to work around the wireless charging coil.
This takes the longest amount of time and you have to be very careful and delicate. With the right tools and the right experience, it’s not that big of a deal to get done.

Step Three: Gluing the New Back Glass On.

We place a high-quality glue around the frame, and once we place the new screen on, you’ll be very surprised at the difference.
It looks brand new and you cannot even notice it was ever broken or repaired.

Full Trade-In Value

In this particular case, the customer wanted to trade in their iPhone 8. With the meticulous removal and replacement of their back glass, they’re able to bring their iPhone into their carrier and get full trade-in value.
Whether you want to repair your iPhone Back Glass for cosmetic reasons, or you want to trade it in for full value, bring it to us in the Bridgewater Commons Mall. We’ve be here for 10 years and are one of the few shops in New Jersey who specialize in this type of repair.

Example of iPhone Back Glass Repair: