Portable Power Bank

Why Should You Consider a Portable Power Bank?

Are you tired of your phone dying by early afternoon? Do you find yourself frantically searching for an outlet to plug in your charger? If so, a portable power bank may be the solution for you. Portable power banks are battery packs that can be carried with you wherever you go, and they can charge your phone or other devices multiple times.

Large Capacity Power Bank

Our ESOULK 10,000 milliamp Power Bank has a lot of power to charge your phone multiple times. Due to it’s 18 Watt power delivery, you can expect your device to get to 50% battery in approximately 30 minutes. It can charge two devices simultaneously and has universal compatibility. Our price is $39.99.

Portable Power Bank

Medium Capacity Power Bank

Our ESOULK 6,000 milliamp Power Bank is ultra compact. It has short circuit protection as well as over heating protection. It comes with a USB-C Charging Cable. Our price is $24.99.

Portable Power Bank

David demonstrates our ESOULK 6,000 milliamp Power Bank


If you’re looking for a way to keep your devices charged while on the go, stop by our store today and pick up one of our 10,000 milliamp large capacity Power Banks. With our brand, ESOULK, we do guarantee them and warranty them.