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Is the back of your iPhone cracked? iCity now offers same day iPhone back glass repair! If you need to trade in your iPhone, our back glass repair service is the perfect option for you. We have the most affordable iPhone back glass repair prices around! We are located inside the Bridgewater Commons Mall on the main floor of the mall outside of Starbucks, directly underneath the escalators.

Same Day Bridgewater iPhone Back Glass Repair 

Is the back of your iPhone cracked and you are looking to get it repaired to trade in? If so, our iPhone back glass service is the perfect option for you! We use a laser machine to repair iPhone back glass at the most affordable prices. Our prices and wait times will beat Apple’s service by a mile. Come visit our Bridgewater Mall location today for a same-day iPhone back glass replacement!

iPhone Back Glass Repair Pricing

Estimated Wait Time: 3 Hours

ModelPricePrice W/ Screen Repair
iPhone 13 Pro Max$199.99$179.99
iPhone 13 Pro$189.99$169.99
iPhone 13$179.99$169.99
iPhone 13 Mini$189.99$169.99
iPhone 12 Pro Max$169.99$129.99
iPhone 12 Mini$159.99$125.99
iPhone 12$149.99$125.99
iPhone 11 Pro Max$139.99$119.99
iPhone 11$135.99$99.99
iPhone 11 Pro$129.99$109.99
iPhone XS Max$129.99$99.99
iPhone XS$119.99$99.99
iPhone X$119.99$99.99
iPhone XR$119.99$99.99
iPhone 8 Plus$99.99$89.99
iPhone 8$89.99$79.99

Why is the Laser Machine the best?

There are three ways to repair the back glass on an iPhone.

1. The first option to repair the back glass on your iPhone is to heat the glass with a heat gun, and to pry it off the frame. The glass is held on by extremely strong glue and requires upwards of 450 celsius to melt. Heating your iPhone to these temperatures is awful for your phone and can damage internal parts. Not only is this bad for your iPhone, but the repair never comes out professionally done.

2. The second option is to replace the whole metal frame/glass on your iPhone. This option requires a technician to disassemble the entire phone and to remove all internal components. Not only is the labor extremely intensive for this type of repair, the part costs for the metal frames are very high. This type of repair still costs a couple of hundred dollars and is not cost-effective. Not only are the costs high on these types of repairs, but you will always receive an aftermarket iPhone frame which may cause issues in the future.

3. The third and best option is using a laser machine as we do here at iCity repair in the Bridgewater Mall. Most shops do not want to invest in expensive laser machine equipment, but we understand that this is the best back glass repair option for our customers. The laser machine disintegrates the glue under the iPhone back glass and allows our technicians to safely remove only the glass from the metal frame. We then glue a new piece of glass back on your iPhone with OEM-grade adhesive. This option is the best because we do not have to completely disassemble the iPhone, the cost of repair is low, and it always comes out like new. With our laser machine, we can offer same-day professional back glass replacements, and is perfect for trading in your device!

iPhone Back Glass Repair in Bridgewater Commons Mall

Don’t let a cracked iPhone back glass stop you from trading in your iPhone! Stop by our Bridgewater Mall location for an affordable same-day iPhone back glass repair. We will make your iPhone look brand new like it never happened!

iPhone Back Glass Repair Bridgewater

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We are located inside the Bridgewater Commons Mall on the main floor of the mall outside of Starbucks, directly underneath the escalators.
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