About Us


Our Origin Story

It all started back when I was growing up and helping family and friends with tech support. Whether it was answering questions, or helping them with their computer or their phone, I was excited to help.


This led to me starting my own business in Rutgers University circa 2009, then later in brick and mortar locations in Edison and beyond. In 2011 we moved to Bridgewater Commons Mall, right in front of the Apple Store. We were the original and only repair shop in Bridgewater Commons and Bridgewater Township.


And then years later they kicked us out because we were doing such a good job, so we rebranded  into The Fix by iCity Repair and relocated under the escalator.


It is a funny story but we have a long history inside the Bridgewater Commons Mall doing the same great repairs for the same great people, in the same great township.


We love to help you out and we love to answer questions. It is our passion. It is not work for us, it’s what we do.