How to Choose a Phone Repair Shop


When your phone breaks, it’s important to find a good phone repair shop to take care of it. But not all phone repair shops are created equal. You’ll want to figure out three things before taking your device to one: the price, the quality of the parts, and the quality of the technician.

A good phone repair store is similar to a good mechanic.

You want to find someone who will do the job properly, fairly, and honestly. You don’t want someone inexperienced or that is trying to rip you off. 


Price is a big factor, but you don’t want to always go the cheapest. Going the cheapest will hurt your phone and hurt your experience by having cheaper quality parts. Someone who has a higher price may scare you away, but the quality of the part they’re using may be superior.
It’s really important that if you want your phone to work for years to come, you don’t run away for a few dollars. And you’ll need to understand the difference between a high price, a low price and the right price.


Quality Parts

It’s really difficult for a first time user to really understand what the difference is between a high-quality part and an inferior one.
Sometimes you can see the color is not exactly the same. The touch sensitivity is not exactly the same. The silkiness of the screen is not exactly the same. Some issues you may experience are touch issues, like ghost touching (where the screen is touching by itself.)
A good quality part will function and look exactly the same as original. And again, they’re not all created equal. You really want to make sure they have a strong warranty to back up where they’re actually selling you.


Quality of Technicians

When it comes to repair technicians and bringing your device to a store, you want to make sure the person who is fixing your phone or your device is engaged, eager to be there, and wants to do his job.
One of the easiest things you can do is look online and make sure they have proper reviews, maybe a 4.5 stars or above. Ideally, find someone who’s been in business for years, with good feedback. You just don’t want to let anyone fix your device. The worst thing that can happen is they can actually damage it or break it. Then you’ll have no device.
You’ll know you’re dealing with reputable phone repair shop when the big box carriers that can’t help you with your device, refer you to proper repair shop. If the big box carriers are willing put their reputation on the line, then the phone repair shop is likely a high quality one.