Game Console Repair


Do you have a Game Console that isn’t working right? Whether your console has a cracked screen or a charging port problem, we can get it up and running again in about a week.

Nintendo DS

This is a a Nintendo DS where the charging port was not working and the video is not working. The charging port was
broken by the child who damaged it, and then the video stopped working from a drop. It took about a week but we were able to repair it.

Cost Effective?

We want to make sure it is cost effective to repair your game console before we do the job. If it’s cheaper to fix it than to buy a new one it makes sense to repair it. If there’s a lot of problems with it and it costs more money for repair than it does for replacement, we will tell you, and then recommend a replacement versus repair.

Free Quote

If you have a game console that’s damaged and you’re not sure if it’s cost effective to fix, just stop on by for a free quote and we’ll let you know and make sure it’s worth your while.