Wireless Charging Demonstration

If you’re an iPhone owner who is interested in purchasing a wireless charger, then you’ll want to watch this demonstration. We’ll take a look at some of the most common types of wireless charging and see how they compare.
There’s wireless charging with mag safe magnets built into it. And there’s different wattage that is given different energy, different power that is given to your phone to charge it faster or slower. So prices will vary.
So the first wireless charging pad we’re gonna look at is this one by HyperGear. Now it’s a simple standard inexpensive wireless charging pad. If you have an iPhone with a glass backing to it, this will work for you. All you have to do is plug this into the wall, put your phone on, on the wireless charging pad, and it will just charge your phone for you. It’s that simple? It’s that easy.
HyperGear wireless charger. This is $20 and has 5 Watts of power to charge your device.
The second wireless charging pad we have is by Otter Box. Now this is a Magsafe wireless charging pad. So if you have a newer phone that has a Magsafe, built into it, this wireless charging pad will use Magsafe magnets to click and secure your phone in place.
OtterBox wireless charger. This costs $45 and have 7.5 Watts of power.
Now I do love this brand, the, MyBat Pro. This is one of the better ones we have as well, which is also a wireless charging with Magsafe, built in. It’s a great product, a great company.
MyBat Pro Wireless Charger with Magsafe. This costs $40 but has 15 Watts of Power.