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Don’t let a broken Cell Phone slow you down. Stay connected with a fast repair from the Warren Cell Phone repair experts. We have been providing high-quality, long-lasting cell phone repair services to Warren and its surrounding towns for over a decade.

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Get Your Cell Phone Fixed Near Warren NJ

Hey there! Are you looking for a cell phone repair company near Warren NJ that you can trust? iCity Repair has been bringing cell phones back to life in Warren and its surrounding areas for over a decade, and we can confidently say we are the best repair store near you hands down. Our cell phone fixing services range from cracked screen repair, battery replacements, charging port replacements, logic board repair, software repairs, and more. There isn’t a problem we haven’t seen, give us a call today to discuss your repair needs! 732-982-7144. 

Type Of Cell Phones We Repair

Estimated Wait Times

  • Cell Phone Screen Repairs – 45 Minutes
  • Cell Phone Battery Replacement – 45 minutes
  • Cell Phone Charging Port Replacements – 45 Minutes

Long-Lasting Warren Cell Phone Screen Repair

When you get your cell phone screen replaced or repaired, it is crucial that the repair company uses high-quality screens. Low-quality cell phone screens do not last long and break much easier. Here at iCity Repair, we only use high-quality cell phone screens to ensure that our Warren customers are getting the most out of their investment. Our screens will make your cell phone look and feel brand new. Don’t let a cracked or damaged screen, hold you back, and visit us today for a speedy high-quality repair!

Cell Phone Battery Replacements

Is your cell phone having trouble holding a charge, or “skipping” down by large percents? Cell phone batteries typically only last for 2 years before needing replacement, because of how they degrade. iCity Repair in Warren stocks all of the most common cell phone batteries in order to provide quick same-day service. Having us install a new battery into your phone will make it faster, last longer on a charge, and all-around give your cell phone a new life. Our battery replacement service only takes about 45 minutes after you drop your phone off at our store near Warren NJ.  If you need your battery fixed, do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss our procedure further! 

Speedy Warren Cell Phone Repair Trusts

When your cell phone breaks or is damaged in any way, it is usually an emergency to get it fixed right away. At this point cell phones run our lives, and it is hard to live without them. This is why we stock all common cell phone repair parts in our store. Stocking all of the common screens, batteries. charging ports, and more allows us to offer same-day Warren cell phone repairs, and are usually done in under an hour after you drop your cell phone at our store.

Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

Water is highly corrosive, and if it gets inside your cell phone it can damage many different components such as your logic board, battery, charging port, cameras, and more. If you do drop your phone in liquid iCity repair In Warren offers water damage cell phone repair services. We can diagnose your cell phone, clean the corrosion out of your phone, and replace any parts necessary to get your phone fixed and back into your hands. If you ever do drop your phone in liquid the best thing to do is to turn it off right away and bring it to one of iCity Repairs Warren master technicians to dry and clean the inside of your cell phone before it becomes unrepairable. When liquid sits inside your cell phone it can short out your cell phone’s motherboard and will cause corrosion over time. Water damage repair is a time-sensitive repair. 

High-Quality Warren Cell Phone Repairs

When you get your cell phone fixed it should be long-lasting and is an investment into the longevity of your phone. We only use the highest quality parts on the market, so you can keep peace of mind that your cell phone will be durable. We have been offering cell phone repair to Warren and its surrounding area for over a decade, book an appointment today!

100 Day Warranty 

We use the highest quality cell phone repair parts on the market, but it is impossible to get around the fact of defective parts. This is why we offer a 100-day warranty covering any defective parts that arise. If your screen, battery, or any part that was replaced in your phone starts acting weird after a replacement we will repair your phone under warranty hassle-free.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Standard Screen Protector

$ 25
  • Standard strength tempered glass
  • No Warranty

Premium Screen Protector

$ 30
  • Ultra Smooth and Ultra Durable
  • Smudge resistant, fingerprint and oil resistant. High grade oleophobic coating for a silky smooth finish. 2X stronger than generic tempered glass screen protectors, with the highest level of scratch resistance.
  • No Warranty

Premium Screen Protector With Warranty

$ 45
  • After purchasing our premium screen protector with our warranty, screen protectors will only cost $10 for a lifetime.
  • Smudge resistant, fingerprint and oil resistant. High grade oleophobic coating for a silky smooth finish. 2X stronger than generic tempered glass screen protectors, with the highest level of scratch resistance.

We Are The Cell Phone Repair Shop That Warren Trusts

Is your Cell Phone cracked or damaged? iCity can have your Cell Phone repaired and back into your hands in as little as 20 minutes after you drop it off at our store. Our cell phone repairs range from screen repairs, charging port replacements, back glass replacements, battery replacements, camera repairs, and button repairs. We have almost every Cell Phone repair part in stock to offer quick same-day service. Visit one of our Warren expert technicians today.

Servicing Warren For over A Decade

Warren is in our service area, so if you live near or around Warren give us a shout! We will be happy to help get your phone back up and running. 
Store Information

iCity Repair Bridgewater NJ

400 Commons Way
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Phone: (732) 982-7144

Hours Of Operation

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iCity Repair has merged with The Fix. We are located on the main floor near Cotton On and Gloria Jeans Coffee.


iCity Repair is located near Warren and offers free diagnostics for all Cell Phones models. We offer fair and affordable prices for all mobile device repairs. If you need your Cell Phone fixed, contact us for a free estimate!