iPhone 8 Plus Cracked Screen & Charging Port Repair Demo


Have you ever experienced the frustration of a cracked phone screen? A device that won’t charge?  In this post, we’ll take you through the steps of how we repaired an iPhone 8 Plus with both issues.



First, we’ll open up the phone, install the new screen and see if we can power it on.



We see that the screen works but the charging port is still not working. The charging port  repair is going to be a little bit more complex.



We need to make sure everything is in order so we don’t lose a single screw. One missed screw could determine if this is going to work or not.



After taking everything apart we can go ahead and test it out. And once it’s back together we can see that everything did work out perfectly.



Now the 8 Plus has a brand new screen and a brand new charging port. So it’s ready to go back to the customer looking brand new and functioning as if it was brand new.